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Risk management: we offer you handling with risks that appear with odds offer in betting. For handling risks in sports betting we combine our huge experience with statistical data and mathematical models because this field is deciding in making profit for betting house and even more important than making starting odds which is available to everyone on the Internet, but Risk Management is what makes the difference between low and high profitable betting house.


When it comes to odds compiling, we offer you all the options. From teaching that is improving current knowledge of your bookie team, to making odds for one sport in particular, one specific league or just one kind of the bet to producing the whole package for one betting house, including odds compiling for live betting.






Our knowledge of sports betting can be divided in several parts: bringing and acquiring costumers to the gambling web page, producing odds for sports betting, handling risks with sports betting.

Bringing costumers on gambling page is the key factor for success and for that we use various tools. First tried tool is inducing a smarts affiliate marketing system that will attract a lot of good affiliate pages that will bring users on the web page. Second tool is placement of the unique sport content which rises interest with potential user to visit the web page by itself.

Odds-compiling is also very important field because from every serious betting house it is expected to have very large number of various leagues, different bet-types and also a huge offer on live betting. Our team is able to offer you all kind of sports, leagues, pre-event bets and live bets no matter the time zone in which sport event is happening. We are simply available 24/7 and we don’t have usual working hours.

Handling risk is final key factor for success of one bookmaker. Today it is impossible and that is crazy, to have static odds that never change. This change can happen depending on the news or depending on how high the stake on one outcome of sport event is. No matter which factor brings the change in odds we have the necessary tools for statistical risk management as well as getting timely news on individual sport event.


Casino is one very important field in gambling, one that today you must have in your gambling-portfolio. This kind of the entertainment is very similar to the gambling, but it does have some differences in several parts.

Shared set of the users of the sport betting, casino games and slot machines is of course huge since it is in general same affinity towards gambling. That means, since you already have one good data base of the online betting users why not offer them some other shape of gambling. Someone who is betting eventually plays some casino game. Besides, many of casino slot machines users are ashamed of going to classical casinos and with one good casino software you can offer the similar pleasure to the one they get in terrestrial casino. Also the availability of the online casino is not limited by working hours and the selection of casino games and slot machines is much bigger that in complete Las Vegas, let alone in one of the local casinos.

We can help you to choose casino-software, with bringing classic casino users on your web page and with making the net of the affiliate pages that would bring you many new customers.


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Long Time Experience in Gambling

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