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We are one medium sized team (10-50 permanent members) that is made out of programmers, idea developers, journalists, content producers and translators. Besides our permanent members we also have fantastic contacts with our partner companies from following fields: journalism, translation, programing, sports betting and other gambling from Germany, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Bulgaria.

Our idea leader and at the same time founder of the company T-rex gaming d.o.o. from Zenica is Mr. Dino M. aka DrGambler. DrGambler is in sports betting business since 1996 and he was one of the first bookies (odds maker) in Europe for the live betting. He is one of the pioneers in live betting and was the first bookie ever who dared to offer live bets on Formula 1, alpine skiing and ski jumping. Besides these sport disciplines we should also mention DrGamblers matrix for live betting on football which was the very first of a kind on the planet. As time passed DrGambler chose his team, one that consist of similar enthusiasts and above all geniuses.

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